Commemorate the 26th Anniversary of the Ghulja Massacre by Erkin Ablimit, president of East Turkistan Government in Exile

Commemorate the 26th Anniversary of the Ghulja Massacre by Erkin Ablimit, president of East Turkistan Government in Exile.

The Ghulja Massacre is another piece of evidence of China government’s plan of the systematic killing of Uyghurs and other Turkic people, since they occupied East Turkestan in 1949.

Around the 1990s, China had secretly facilitated the spread of AIDS and drugs among East Turkestan youths. As a result, the situation was exacerbated; with cases of multiple people infected with HIV in the same family, multiple siblings being addicted to drugs, and sudden deaths from heavy addiction or taking false drugs became more common, especially in the Ghulja region. East Turkestan’s youths were on the verge of spiritual weakening and severe moral decay. To remedy this tragic situation, some progressive youths had organized sports, culture, and religious ethics clubs. Unfortunately, the Chinese government restricted or suppressed these club activities under various pretexts.

On February 5, 1997, those young people expressed their dissatisfaction about the government’s restrictions, discriminations, and suppressions with a peaceful demonstration by marching on the small streets of the town. The Chinese government responded with blood by moving heavily armed forces to the peaceful protesters and the people around them.

Information and traffic were cut off for weeks. Amnesty said hundreds of Uyghurs were killed or imprisoned. Witnesses said more than four hundred young people were shot dead, and about 10,000 were arrested. The detainees were subjected to brutal torture, including beatings with military batons, electric shocks, water splash freezing, and starvation.

Since 2014, China has been openly setting up concentration camps, arbitrarily detaining, brainwashing, organ harvesting, sterilizing, forcibly separating children, gang raping, and murdering Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Turkic people.

Repeatedly breaking promises, stealing properties, covering up the truth, and spreading disinformation are essential characteristics of China’s government. We urge the peace-loving people and leaders worldwide to wake up and follow the United States and seven parliaments, in recognizing China’s atrocities against Uyghurs in occupied East Turkistan as genocide, and take decisive action such as deploying Peacekeeping Force and abolishing trade agreements to end China’s ongoing genocide. We urge all to wake up and reject the evil authoritarian regime and say “NO” to the tyranny before it’s too late. We urge all to wake up and refuse to sell the dignity, rights, and most importantly, the happiness of generation for China’s trade deals.

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