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Farida Central Asian Cuisine & Grill (New York)

Farida Central Asian Cuisine & Grill 369 reviews Claimed$$ Uzbek, Russian, HalalEditOpen12:00 PM – 11:30 PM Hours updated 2 weeks agoSee 457 photos From the business WebSite Specialties The First and Only authentic Halal

yanghin E-Books

نغىن ئېلكىتاب ئامبىرى          yanghin E-Books اشبەت · پەننى كىتابلار · دىنى كىتابلار · بالىلار باغچىسى · ئاياللار گۈلىستانى · باشقىلار · ئاۋازلىق ئەسەرلەر. تەۋسىيەلىك كىتابلار. ئەبۇ

Uyghur Books

Uyghur Books ئۇيغۇركىتاپ توربېكىتى باشبەت; تۈرلەر. تارىخ ۋە تەزكىرە · مەشھۇر شەخىسلەر · تارىخىي خاتىرىلەر · تەزكىرىلەر ۋە يىلنامىلەر · ئۇيغۇر تارىخى · شىنجاڭ تارىخ ماتېرىياللىرى (​قىسىملىق) … Uyghur Books ئۇيغۇركىتاپ

Library of Turkistani

Library of Turkistani Library of Turkistani Library of Turkistani Library of Turkistani Notice Notice: Books can be scanned and sent to researchers according to their requirements. Library of Turkistani

E-Books ئېلكىتاب

E-Books ئېلكىتاب سالام ئەزىز ئوقۇرمەن، كۆرۈۋاتقىنىڭىزدەك ئېلكىتاب تورى نۆۋەتتە 3000 پارچىدىن ئارتۇق كىتابلارنى يوللاپ، يەنە نۇرغۇنلىغان كىتابلارنى سىكاننىرلاش، توپلاپ رەتلەش ھالىتىدە تۇرىدۇ. شۇنداقلا تور دۇنياسىدىكى ئېلكىتابلارنى داۋاملىق يىغىپ، توپلاپ تورداشلارغا

Reyhan’s Uyghur Restaurant Japan

Reyhan’s Uyghur Restaurant Sushi-a world common language for favorite food Traditional Japanese food evolves into a trendy universal dish Needless to say, sushi is the most significant dish that represents

Uyghur Restaurant Silk Road Tarim, Japan

Uyghur Restaurant Silk Road Tarim Since opening in 2010, Silk Road Tarim has remained the only Uyghur restaurant in Tokyo. Dishes made by hand with unique Uyghur seasoning will take

Silk Road Tarim Uyghur Restaurant, Japan

Silk Road Tarim Uyghur Restaurant This is the only Uyghur Restaurant that opened in 2010 in Tokyo. This restaurant provides authentic Uyghur foods with Silk Road antique taste and Uyghurs


HALAL SAKURA Do you know the new halal restaurant started in August 2017,called “HALAL SAKURA”?This is an authentic Uyghur restaurant opened by the owner from Uyghur,This time I’d like to

MyU Academy

MyU Academy   Dear Parents and Guardians, We know how adversely COVID-19 has affected your children’s learning! You must be worried about their learning and their future success.But don’t despair!

Dolan Uyghur Restaurant

Dolan Uyghur Restaurant The Uyghur culture is extremely rare and the unique food plays an important role in preserving it. From handmade noodles to handmade dumplings all of our foods

Kiroran Silk Road Ughyur Restaurant

Kiroran Silk Road Ughyur Restaurant We are an Asian fusion restaurant that is proud to serve you our delicious cultural food. Our restaurant is located in Fairfax, VA, and specializes

About Cybertek

Add Your Heading Text Here Coding bootcamps are emerging throughout the nation, offering 8 or 12 weeks of training that require prior knowledge or exposure to coding. Cybertek School teaches

Musabay Technologies Corporation

Musabay Technologies Corporation Frank has worked on everything from a small projects to large scale web sites during his 10+ years in commercial software development in private and government sectors.

Eerkins Uyghur Cuisine

Eerkins Uyghur Cuisine EERKIN’S has been serving quality Uyghur foods to its customers. Our Uyghur ethnic chefs with ancestors from Uyghur’s who are well-informed about the ancient recipes allowing us

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