First East Turkistan Republic

The First And Second East Turkistan Republic:

The First East Turkistan

The First East Turkistan Republic was established in 1993 by the Uyghur and other Turkic people living in East Turkistan and exist until 1934.

The leadership of the Republic:
President – Khoja Niyaz
Prime Minister – Sabit Damolla Abdulbaqi
Deputy Prime Minister – Janibek
General Secretary – Alem Akhun
Defense Minister – General Mehmut Muhiti
Interior Minister – Seyidzade Yunus Bek
Foreign Minister – Qasimjan Haji
Education Minister – Abdulkerimhan Mehsum
Justice Minister – Zerifkhan Haji
Finance Minister – Ali Akhunbay
Agricultural Minister – Abulhesen Haji
Endowment Minister – Shemseddin Turdi
Health Minister – Ubeydullah Bey

The name of the State is the East Turkistan Republic. The characteristics of the State is a democratic, unified, and law-based state that respects all human rights. The National Flag is a Blue Flag with a White Crescent and White Star.

The National Emblem has nine beads on both the right and left of the crescent moon, with the Bismillah Calligraphy inscribed in the middle of the crescent. Three stars above the crescent’s mouth with a cord tying the beads together with a knot at the bottom flowing into six branches.

The eighteen points represent the Turk tribes living in East Turkistan, while the three stars symbolize the Köktürk, Uyghur, and Qarakhanid States that were previously founded in East Turkistan.

The Independence Anthem of our State, Qurtulush Yolida [On the Path to Salvation], was a poem written by Memet Ali Tewfiq in 1933 and sung by the East Turkistani people as the official Independence Anthem. The National Anthem of Our State, Tarixtin Ewwel Biz Iduq, Tarixtin Kiyin Yene Biz [We Existed Before History, and We Will Exist After History], was a poem also written by Memet Ali Tewfiq. 

The official national language of the East Turkistan Republic is Uyghur and Kazakh , Kyrgyz are also among the recognized national languages. The official national religion is Islam. The State respects and protects other religions and shall fully guarantee their rights to religious practice. The national capital of our State is Urumchi.

The Second East Turkistan

The second East Turkistan Republic existed from 1944-1949. Alihan Tore was elected as the President, and Abdulkerim Abbasov was appointed Minister of Internal Affairs.

 Summary of the Political Precepts:

  1. Rooting out the tyranny of the Han Chinese;
  2. Establishment of a democratic government;
  3. Creation of an armed force belonging to the people;
  4. Equality for all ethnic groups;
  5. Granted the right to freedom of religion;
  6. Popular elections of government officials at all levels;
  7. Developing political and economic relations with friendly countries, especially the Soviet Union;
  8. Development of education, culture, and health;
  9. Adoption of the Uyghur script as the official written language of the East Turkistan Republic.

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