Do you know the new halal restaurant started in August 2017,called “HALAL SAKURA”?
This is an authentic Uyghur restaurant opened by the owner from Uyghur,
This time I’d like to let you know the attracting points of this restaurant.

Easy to get from Narita airport directly

HALAL SAKURA is located 6 minutes from Nippori and 4 minutes from Uguisudani on foot,
Since it only takes a minimum of 36 minutes from Narita Airport,
it’s a great location for tourists as well.

Nippori is known as a famous textile town,
I often see Muslims which are looking for cloth for hijab.
But now many halal restaurants were concentrating around Ueno, Okachimachi, Asakusa,
so it was very difficult to find halal restaurants in Nippori so far.

Then because this time HALAL SAKURA was opened in Nippori,
it will be more convenient for Muslim definitely. More Info