Holocaust Memorial Day: Jews, Christians Say Genocide Is Happening Again—in Xinjiang

Holocaust Memorial Day: Jews, Christians Say Genocide Is Happening Again—in Xinjiang



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Fri, January 29, 2021


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Dark memories of Nazism were compared to the extermination of Uyghurs by Xi Jinping’s regime.

by Ruth Ingram

File:Demonstration for the rights of the Uyghurs in Berlin 2020-01-19 18

Genocides and holocausts do not suddenly happen. They are plotted and planned under cover of darkness. But once they have seen the light of day, it is too late. Too late for the millions who suffer and die because the world is asleep.

The worldwide Jewish community united this week in a series of events under the Banner

(旗). A banner is an administrative division of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, corresponding to the county level. Introduced initially by the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912), there are 52 banners in today’s China, three of which are autonomous.

“>banner of “Light the Darkness” to remember the day 76 years ago when 1.1 million emaciated and traumatized individuals were liberated from the Auschwitz concentration camp. Unanimous in their zeal to ensure these horrors are never repeated, they have made it their mission to speak out and urge the world never to forget that humanity is still capable of the utmost barbarity.

Despite vows of “Never Again” following the end of World War II subsequent atrocities have proved that genocide is never far below, simmering beneath the surface of our civilization.

To raise awareness of not only past but current genocides, Holocaust survivors joined London barristers, Jewish and Christian rights campaigners, and religious leaders from the UK this week to condemn horrors committed not only under Nazi Germany, but also in Tibet, Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur, and Myanmar, and to highlight the urgent need to stand in solidarity for Uyghurs