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Thursday, May 20, 2021 | by Engin


May 15 flier

The last WEEK-end was held by videoconference an international meeting on the Uyghur file. An organization decided between the dynamic members of a tried and tested diaspora, transfixed with worry, from France, the United States, Canada or even Australia.


The inventory was carried out in a spirit varying between the dramatic and the tragic, so much the Uighurs still do not see a major way out of the situation that their people are going through or rather undergoing, in officially Chinese territory. .

The guests in attendance had a varied profile despite a strong common thread for what was a continuous, serene exchange, continuing thereafter in debate. The President of the Government of Turkestan in Exile, Mr. Erkin Ablimit, was of course present, as were his very close collaborators Talip Atajan and Mahira Ghopur. T. Atajan being in charge of the technical part and the allocation of speaking time, punctuating the meeting with constructive remarks of a practical or political nature. The incumbent president assured his role brilliantly but soberly as the hour seemed serious. Indeed, survivors of the camps have testified. As for Mahira Ghopur, the current Vice-President made a most remarkable speech, on par with the speech of a distinguished guest:


The testimonies of the survivors of the camps have spoken of appalling things. Bullying, insults. And much worse still. Repeated behavior on the part of the jailers in the service of the government of Xi Jinping.
The vice-president, based in Canada, launched a vibrant appeal. Finishing his speech focused on quantified realities, yet spoken with the greatest tranquility for several minutes, crying. A state which reflects a weariness in the face of an unfair situation which is in the process of persisting, in the face of the inaction of many.

For his part, David Kilgour, whose surname ends with “gour”, a form of predestination to this debate, underlined the need for diplomatic consultation and not just political in order to become aware. He rightly explained that awareness must take place urgently and that the time has come for imminent action. A very brilliant speech. Useful in communication and in proposals.


Uighur territory finds itself stuck in a vice. And therefore the Uighur people. With the departure of the Americans from Afghanistan, a bleak near future looms for the people of East Turkestan and Turkestan in general. Raising awareness in the EU and also all countries with a majority monotheistic religion is part of a program to be applied very quickly. Why not challenge Israel (Jewish student associations supported the cause of the Uighurs) and Ruanda on the subject of the genocide suffered in the past? Such nations could take steps to teach a preventive program before it is too late, especially with regard to the traumatic consequences over several generations.
Above all, it will be necessary to inform people about the existence of the Uighurs, their culture or what remains of them while there is still time.

Gianguglielmo / Jean-Guillaume LOZATO, professor of Italian at ENSG and at the International Paris School of Business, lecturer at the University of Paris-Est. Author of academic research on Italian football as a social phenomenon