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Sushi-a world common language for favorite food

Traditional Japanese food evolves into a trendy universal dish

Needless to say, sushi is the most significant dish that represents Japanese cuisine. Its popularity has spread so widely that the word sushi is recognized anywhere in the world today. Using untraditional ingredients such as avocado, cheese, or fried shrimp, international versions of sushi continue to evolve in a unique way to reflect local characteristics. Sushi has become a universal food that can be commonly enjoyed at sushi bars and restaurants outside Japan.

From traditional sushi restaurant to convenience store lunchbox

Many foreign tourists come to Japan with an expectation of trying an authentic sushi. Sushi is available in various styles and price ranges. At traditional sushi restaurants, sushi chefs directly take orders from customers at the bar and prepare food in front of them. Kaitenzushi is a more casual and reasonable version of the sushi restaurant where prepared sushi pieces are placed on small plates and are delivered on a conveyer belt through tables. Some sushi shops only sell packaged sushi to take home for reasonable prices. More Info