Second East Turkistan Republic

The Second East Turkistan Republic:

The second East Turkistan Republic existed from 1944-1949. Alihan Tore was elected as the President, and Abdulkerim Abbasov was appointed Minister of Internal Affairs.

 Summary of the Political Precepts:

  1. Rooting out the tyranny of the Han Chinese;
  2. Establishment of a democratic government;
  3. Creation of an armed force belonging to the people;
  4. Equality for all ethnic groups;
  5. Granted the right to freedom of religion;
  6. Popular elections of government officials at all levels;
  7. Developing political and economic relations with friendly countries, especially the Soviet Union;
  8. Development of education, culture, and health;
  9. Adoption of the Uyghur script as the official written language of the East Turkistan Republic.

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