We praise the virtual U.N. event about china’s ongoing genocide against Uyghurs

We praise the virtual U.N. event about china's ongoing genocide against Uyghurs

Praise US UK and Germen for Uyghur event in UN on May 12

We praise the virtual U.N. event about china’s ongoing genocide against Uyghurs

We praise the United States, Germany, and the UK, along with Human Rights Watch Executive Director Ken Roth and Amnesty International Secretary General Agnes Callamard for organizing the virtual U.N. event about China’s ongoing genocide against Uyghurs in the occupied East Turkistan. We hope the event, which will be held on Wednesday, becomes a turning point in saving the fathers, mothers, and children being killed every minute in silent and hidden ways.

The terroristic, fascistic government of China has locked up millions of Uyghurs and other Turkic people in concentration camps, which can be regarded as the largest-scale detention since the Holocaust. Within these camps, there is an ongoing of organ harvesting, forced labor, forced abortion, sterilization, gang rape, forced child separation, mental torture and mass killing.

Under the CCP Sponsorship and protection, 1.1 million Han Chinese authorities often arranged into the Uyghur families while Chinese authorities took their husbands to jail or detained them in the camps. Uyghur women and girls are facing sexual abuse and other harassment in their own homes.

China’s call to member states not attending the event is its effort in trying to cover up its genocidal crime and continuous breaking of the international orders. We strongly demand that all member states not turn a blind eye to the genocide crimes, and actively attend the event. We urge the member states to discuss decisive actions such as deploying peacekeeping troops, abolishing trade agreements, and canceling the 2022 Olympics to stop China’s ongoing genocide, to stop the authoritarian viruses from spreading across the globe.

Millions of lives desperately depend on your help to survive.

Thank you,

President Erkin Ablimit

East Turkestan Government in Exile

Website: http://www.etgov-in-exile.org

Address: 2021 L St NW Ste 101-356 Washington, DC 20036

May 10, 2021