Condemn the Chinese government’s entirely false statement

We strongly condemn the Chinese government's entirely false statement

We strongly condemn the Chinese government’s claim denying the use of forced sterilization, intrauterine devices (IUDs) to suppress the birth rate and its crime of genocide in the occupied East Turkistan republic in its letter to the US news network CNN today. The following facts show us what they claimed is entirely false. 


1. Based on the research of Dr. Adrian Zenz, there are tools to implement intrauterine contraceptive devices and other intrusive surgical birth prevention mechanisms in at least 80% of the targeted women. The actual was closer to probably 90%.


2. Based on testimonies, credible media reports, and investigations, people were forced to undergo political indoctrination, forced starvation, torture, forced medication, rape, organ harvesting, and even execution. 


3. The Chinese government has brought millions of Han Chinese settlers into the regions with promises of high salaries, jobs, and free housing.


4. Based on Director and Senior Fellow of Human Rights Initiative Amy K. Lehr, this is the largest-scale detention of religious minorities since World War II. Forced labor has now become an integral part of the government’s efforts to ‘reeducate’ Muslim minorities.


The evidence described above has already met the five criteria set forth by the United Nations Convention for the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide from 1948.



East Turkistan Government in Exile

Sep 21, 2020