We Strongly Demand to Stop China’s Ongoing Genocide and End Its Occupation by Erkin Ablimit, president of East Turkistan Government in Exile

We Strongly Demand to Stop China’s Ongoing Genocide and End Its Occupation

Seven decades ago, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was signed by more than one hundred fifty members of the UN. The signatures of the states are not blank paper; it is a promise. It is a shame that you are paying too much attention to money rather than cherishing the precious convention. It is a tragedy; you are still silent while the U.S. government and the eight parliaments have recognized, scientists have proved, and camp survivors have testified to China’s atrocities as a genocide.

It is well known that China occupied East Turkistan in 1949 by moving in hundreds of thousands of troops, killing high-ranking officials including president Exmetjan Qasimi, spreading disinformation, and destroying the rule of order as China is doing today.

Since China occupied, Uyghurs and the other Muslim minorities have been crying under China’s occupational and genocidal policies. Such as political indoctrination, forced child separation, starvation, torture, medication, rape, organ harvesting, nuclear testing, and mass killing. Because of your failure, the authoritarian and authoritarian ideologies are being spread, and the happiness, honor, and freedom of this generation is being taken, as Uyghurs are facing now.

We demand the peace-loving leaders to wake up and stop China’s ongoing genocide before it’s too late. We urge the United Nations Human Rights Council to send an independent investigation team to East Turkistan. We demand the United Nations Security Council deploy peacekeeping troops into East Turkistan as early as possible to save millions of lives.


President Erkin Ablimit

East Turkestan Government in Exile

Website: www.etgov-in-exile.org

October 1. 2022   

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